Black Lives Don’t Matter: Seven Seconds

Why was Seven Seconds cancelled by Netflix? This is a question that was buzzing in my brain every single episode of the series.

Simply put, Seven Seconds is about a hit and run that killed a black kid – the murderer behind the vehicle was a police officer.

I will be bold and say that Seven Seconds is the most important show on Netflix. The story, themes, characters and message of the show hit me so unexpectedly hard that I really don’t know what to make of them. For me, it was far more impactful than the tentpoles – your Orange is the New Black, House of Cards or Daredevil.

But it simply isn’t an easy watch. There is not much hope in this show. There is very little humour. The world Seven Seconds paints is bleak, the people in it are shit and it even has a 15-year-old heroin addict.

You spend 10 episodes watching the world paint the young victim in the show a thug, you watch how such a tragedy effects middle to low income families and you see how low police can go to stay above the law. It’s strange because a lot of what happens in Seven Seconds is unbelievable, yet so very believable – and that is heart breaking.

For 10 episodes you hope that the show creators give us something, a hint of light – but honestly it is so faint that it might as well not be there.

In the final episode I had an epiphany – the second season of this show would be pointless because it would be the same depressing story. Maybe a different family, a different black kid, maybe a cop shoots the kid this time – but the result and the feeling will be exactly the same. Utter hopelessness.
The main message I left with was that in America, black lives don’t matter. And as an English/African looking in – from reports given by Americans I know and the news, and how people have distorted the message of the Black Lives Matter Movement, I agree.





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