Safe: Nothing new, but binge worthy TV

The wife and I manage to complete Netflix’s Safe in three days. I know this doesn’t sound impressive in this video-on-demand age, but take into account that we have two children at the wrong side of 5 years old.

Here’s the thing, I was addicted to this show and the binge forces hit me pretty hard but I am not comfortable in calling this a stellar experience. Episodes felt formulaic, character arcs felt meh and the twists were fairly obvious – and despite all of this, the show gripped me every step of the way. Safe has many many problems but, most important of all, it is entertaining television.

The show is essentially about a dad (Michael C Hall from Dexter) that goes in search of his daughter (who isn’t from Dexter) after terrible things start to happen inside their gated community. The search not only has massive consequences for Tom (played by the aforementioned Michael C Hall) but it also spells bad news for the many rich folks in the neighbourhood.

What I loved most about Safe is its pace. There are only eight episodes and they are around 45 minutes long. However derivative the story became in a particular episode, it never hung around long enough to annoy me.

The acting is also absolutely wonderful. Yes, the characters felt underdeveloped but, for the most part, the acting performances were so assured that I didn’t care. Take Dexter’s Tom for example: how did he become such an accomplished detective in such a short period of time? How is it that he is outworking the Police on this case? His whole dotting dad and Doctor turned British Hercule Poirot is pretty ridiculous – but I believe it.

The one real problem I have with this show stems from Audrey Fleurot’s character. The way the show brushes aside a very serious story arch left a bitter taste in my mouth and if there is a second series (let’s hope that there isn’t) and these characters return, they must address it.

With all of that said, if you love crime dramas, Safe is something that is worth your time. It’s yet another (small) jewel in the Netflix crown.


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