Infinity War: Nothing matters

I can’t remember souring on a film faster than I have with Avengers: Infinity War. Even I’m perplexed by how quickly I have turned on the film.

When you take its component parts, Infinity War is a remarkable film. It really shouldn’t work as well as it does. I was never bored in the nearly three hours I spent with the film, the action was some of the best I have ever seen and Thanos is up there with the best Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) villains.

However, when I laid my head to rest and really thought about it, I was shocked at the hollowness of it all. Take the most shocking part of the film, the ending – you know, and I know, that those deaths didn’t matter. As shocked as you were, as emotional as some claim to have been about some of our favourite heroes literally turning to dust, you know that everything will be dandy by the end of the next Avengers film.

That is my major gripe with Infinity War – this is the film where we should have had real consequences. We spent the better part of a decade investing in these characters, waiting for the coming of Thanos and what we got was a well-made, fun film that had as much gravity to it as Justice League.

The last two Captain America films, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther packed more of a meaningful and emotive punch than what they managed to achieve here with Infinity War and that is sad.

And not to keep piling on: I think it is absolutely valid to talk about how this film doesn’t stand alone. As stupid as that argument sounds, I actually know a number of people who watched Infinity War with their children/ young family members not having been up-to-date on the MCU and not understanding who some of the characters were, or what motivated them. I think this is the price you pay for a big event film like this, but it is an argument that deserves respect because this is a film, not a TV series.

Ultimately, this film will make serval boat loads of money and that is what really matters. But I think Marvel has written themselves into a corner here for the next Avengers film (and to an equal extent, Captain Marvel). Either Black Panther, star of a film that grossed a billion dollars, and freaking Spider-Man remain dead or they write the Marvel film version of “it was all a dream.”




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