Justice League: Just start again

Justice League is not a good film. I would go as far as to say it’s terrible, and I’m someone that wanted to love it wholeheartedly. My DC fanboyism means that there were elements of the film I really enjoyed but, let’s not fool ourselves, Justice League is just not a good way to spend your time or money.

The terribleness is evident from the very beginning – from the very first scene. The very moment I saw Henry Cavill’s upper lip, I should have walked out – I should have known from that moment.

The dialogue is as wooden as the box Superman was buried in (you’ll get this odd comparison if you see the film). The overuse of CGI reminds me that Christopher Nolan is only involved with this mess in name only. The villain – oh my god, the villain – well that steaming pile of nothingness is the worst villain I have ever seen in a comic book film.

Despite the world of bad, there are some bright spots, and most of them come from Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. It’s amazing to think in a film involving Batman and Superman, it’s Wonder Woman that is the saving grace. She is badass, she is strong, beautiful and there is (almost) no quality drop off from her fantastic stand alone film to this get together.

Aquaman and Cyborg do better than I expected – it would have been interesting to see their stand alone films.

I am frustrated because this all started with Man of Steel – a film I still say is criminally underrated. Instead of building on the emotional heart of that film, DC chose to instead magnify it’s bad elements – CGI.

I hope this is it for this cinematic universe. I hope they just start again and try something new because this, whatever this is, isn’t working. Batman, Superman and, most definitely, Wonder Woman deserve better than this monstrosity of a film.


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