Thor: Ragna…blugh!

After the final credit scene of Thor: Ragnarok ended, I came to realise that I had fallen out of love with the whole cinema going experience. There I was in the room with the few veteran watches of Marvel films who knew to stay for the credits, and I should have been feeling euphoric because the film was really dope. But all I felt was… meh.

You see, all though there was only a handful of us watching the slightly humorous credit sequences, the cinema was full during the main showing. Rewind a month or so a go, in the same exact building, I was watching Blade Runner 2049 and the room had about the same amount of people in it as the ones watching Ragnarok’s end credits.

2049, a film I cannot stop thinking about, has made $240m against it’s $180 budget, while Thor has a net profit of around $250m already. Net… without considering its own $180m budget! This is without factoring in Blade Runner’s marketing budget. In short, Blade Runner 2049, a film that I can only describe as one of the best things I have ever seen, is a box office disaster.

Thor on the other hand is a very good Marvel film. That’s nothing to sniff at, Marvel make excellent movies. Ragnarok has made Thor cool and, more importantly, interesting. And oh, I am still hopelessly in love with Cate Blanchett who plays a very good villain in the movie. 

But as good, and as funny, and as entertaining as Ragnarok is, what is the point of it? I damn near forgot about it before I left the building – and that is the film and experience that makes money today? And a film like Blader… ok I’ll stop.

If you want another entry of the Infinity War backstory, then check it out. But that is all that it is – another advertisement for the next Avenger film.


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