Terminator Genisys: A bad film, with great moments

The first 15 minutes of Terminator Genisys is great. The way it tells you what happens after Skynet took over and ensuing war reminded me of just how dope the story and the world of Terminator is.

The very premise of Terminator Genisys is fantastic. A time travel battle between Skynet and the resistance. The problem is the film isn’t dark enough, it isn’t violent enough or smart enough to pull it off.

Genisys isn’t a terrible film by any means – it isn’t even the worst film in the Terminator franchise. It’s just horribly disappointing.

And stupid. There’s nothing wrong with being a dumb film, but it’s particularly punishing to Genisys because of the first two Terminator films.

Despite the film’s stupidness, there are some truly terrific fan pleasing moments – such as the appearance of the T-1000. The problem is that these moments are rare and are drowned by stupid, logic defying and cringe worthy moments.

Honestly, as much I love Arnie, it is clear that his presence in these movies are hindering progress. If there are to be more Terminator movies in future, they need to be brave and they cannot feature Mr Sh.



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