Baywatch: I am just a man

Simply put, Baywatch is a terrible film. But what did you expect from a product born from an equally terrible television series? People forget just how bad that damn show was. We forget because life doesn’t have to be serious all the damn time. Sometimes it’s ok to want something stupid to watch… stupid and sexy.

The film has a story filled with holes, a terrible villain and some of the worst acting I’ve seen in a long time – and I’m counting the last Fast and Furious film. As much as I admire The Rock and I think there is a real actor in Zac Efron, they are this films biggest culprits for cringe worthy acting moments.

However, I am just a man. Put Alexandra Daddariom, Priyanka Choprah and Kelly Rohrbach in front of me and it’s likely that I’m going to enjoy whatever it is you’ve put in front of me.

And that is the cold hard truth about this film – it is selling sex and, by god, I’m buying it.


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