Alien: Covenant review

I don’t enjoy horror films and Alien: Covenant is no exception.  I understand why the Alien franchise is revered; the first two film are outstanding, but I just don’t like putting myself in the position to watch them.

Covenant is over two hours long and that is my biggest problem with this film. At it’s absolute best, this film is fucking terrifying – I’m talking intensity levels that match the original Alien. Ridley Scott knows how to build tension, I’ll give him that, but I found myself watching this film through my fingers.

At it’s worst, this film is aloof, but funnily enough those are the moments that intrigued me the most. Scott is trying to build a backstory to Alien and Aliens, and he does this mainly through Michael Fassbender, who is great in this film. Fassbender’s characters are the source of this film’s philosophical mumbo-jumbo and I get why people might no like it, but it worked for me and added depth to previous films in the franchise.

The real problem is that the other characters are boring as hell. No offence to Katherine Waterston, but I couldn’t buy what she was selling – she isn’t Ms Weaver. But at least her character registered with me, Billy Crudup et al made no impact at all.

But if you love the Alien franchise, I see no reason why you shouldn’t appreciate this film. It doesn’t hit the same heights as the two iconic films in the franchise, but it feels like Scott is getting his groove back… and that scares me.


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