Ali Wong: The Amy Winehouse of comedy

I love stand-up comedy but, as uncomfortable as it is to admit, I’ve never been into female comedians.  Try as I may, I simply can’t relate to many of the routines. Don’t get me wrong, I think Wanda Sykes and Mo’Nique are dope, but the majority of their specials simply isn’t my cup of tea.

But there’s something different about Ali Wong.

Wong’s Baby Cobra special is… well, special. Bear with me here: I remember the first time I listened to Amy Winehouse’s Frank and being taken in by how little the late singer gave a fuck about conventions. I listened to songs like I Heard Love was Blind and was blown away by the brutal honesty, and I was shocked with just how much she was able to reel me in with her stories. I’ve said this many times, but Amy Winehouse was a hip-hop star. Her style, her writing, everything about her had that hip-hop attitude and it completely stunned me…

And I feel the same way about Ali Wong.

Damn near every single joke in Baby Cobra hits, and even the ones that don’t, I can relate to. To hear this woman talk about how she set out to trap her husband is stunning, to hear her objectify men in the exact same way rappers do is a breath of fresh air, and the way she doesn’t shy away from sex is breath taking.

There are some damn right tragic and shocking jokes in this special that I don’t want to spoil, but they are the reason why I think that this woman could be something for the ages. Some jokes in this show are far too real and hide a lot of pain, but are simply hilarious.

I personally don’t believe she can put together a stand-up special like this again because Baby Cobra feels like Illmatic. It feels like a culmination of all the joy, love, hurt and pain in her life – and I’m curtain she can’t shock and surprise like this again.

But I’m now a fan and I’ll be there to support whatever it is she decides to do next.


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