Marvel gets it: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

I’m a DC fan boy. And by that I mean I love Batman and I, on occasion, flirt with Superman. I believe that the top three greatest ‘comic book’ films were all based on the caped crusader. Yet today, in 2017, I simply don’t trust DC Comics.

It’s like this: DC Comics are Arsenal Football Club and Marvel are Tottenham Hotspurs. History tells us which is the greater football club but recent events have you scratching your head.

Anyway, I digress.

Marvel, that lot get it and they’ve proven their dominance over DC once again with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (let’s hope Tottenham’s ‘dominance’ is only restricted to one season in 20 years… but I’m digressing again)I simply loved every single moment of this film, but in the interest of being critical let me say… I wasn’t fond of the make up. There were times I could tell Chris Pratt’s Star Lord was wearing foundation.

Guardians 2 is not an origins story and that is the chief reason why the film thrives. It delves deeper into the Guardians, there motivations, their relationship with one another and their darkest fears. I liked the original film, but I’ve only seen it once and haven’t had the desire to go back to it – but this film changes that. Past villains become champions and this film puts those bad guy’s previous actions into a new light. It’s simply fantastic writing.

And Kurt Russell is amazing. And so is Dave Bautista (I mean, Bautista, for crying out loud). And Bradley Cooper is great as well. Look, everyone brings their A game here.

And the cameos…

And the music… I knew I was falling for this film when George Harrison’s perfect My Sweet Lord started to play.

It comes down to this, I could have cared less about the Guardians and this franchise, but now I do. This film and its spirit is why I love going to the cinema.

Say what you want about Disney or Marvel and their money printing enterprise – at least they give a damn.


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