So close: Power Rangers

I recently watched 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It hasn’t aged well to the point where I question whether it was a good movie to begin with. But the 9 year old me would tell you that the film, and the Power Rangers, was awesome.

The new, much more grounded Power Rangers movie is not good, yet there are moments peppered throughout the two hours that had me thinking about what could have been.

The problem is not that the film is not camp enough, as some critics have suggested, the issue for me is that it isn’t dark enough. I’m now a grown ass man, with a family and kids of my own – why couldn’t this property grow with me? Why couldn’t I have an adult themed Power Ranger movie much like this fan made piece? Why not give us death, blood, swearing, lust and destruction?

Elizabeth Bank’s Rita was the closest this film came to delivering on what I wanted. At times it was like she stepped out from a horror film and into this kids’ flick. It was a crying shame to see what she was reduced to at the end of the film.

My main concern is that the film was pointless. The plot makes no sense, the Power Rangers take too long to morph and there is far to much cringy moments throughout the film. If you grew up with the rangers I think you’d forgive a lot of this film’s sins and go with it, as I did, but I just wanted more.




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