Netflix’s hidden gem: Love

I’m addicted to Netflix and it’s been this way for almost three years. Truth be told, the service is a labyrinth of ‘guilty pleasure’ content mixed with some world class shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Narcos and Stranger Things.

I think we need to lump Love among the class of great Netflix shows. It’s a slow burn, with quirky, nerdy characters and the scenarios they find themselves in are strangely… ordinary. Yet if you stick with it, you find yourself falling for Gus, Mickey and the crew.

The show about the aforementioned Gus and Mickey falling for each other. That’s pretty much it.

Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rost (who I’m pretty sure writes this show with his real world bae and Judd Apatow) are nothing short of excellent. They make watching the show feel like voyeurism. They feel like a real couple, with real world shit and, my goodness, you just want them to get together and be happy.

Part of the joy and frustration of this show is that Gus and Mickey getting together doesn’t come easy – neither of these characters are perfect. Mickey drinks too much and Gus is just suffocatingly needy – yet they both work, they’re both likeable and that is a testament to Jacobs and Rost.

I’m not sure that modern day folk have the patients to stick with the many false start this show throws up – shit, I almost gave up on the show. Right now, among Netflix’s stellar and slickly produced original content, Love is its hidden gem.


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