iBoy: Give it a try, it might surprise you

I have a friend called Luke Halsall. He wrote this interesting comic book series called iHero, where in some far flung future people acquire super powers like they do apps on their phones. I’m not saying it because he is a mate, but it is fascinating stuff.

When I heard of iBoy, Netflix’s new film, it sounded an awful lot like a Halsall joint. Although it hasn’t been met with critical acclaim, iBoy is definitely worth an hour and a half of your time.

iBoy is about a kid who finds the girl he fancies getting raped, tries to call the police and gets shot. When he wakes up, he is told that some of his mobile phone’s fragments are caught up in his brain. This is what gives him Neo like control over electronics. 

I admit, you have to overlook some gaping lapses of logic, cheesy circumstances and a few instances of very bad acting. If you can do all of these things, what you have is a hidden gem of a movie.

A lot of iBoy feels rushed. The special effects are meh – if they spent a little longer on them, made them a lot subtler then this film would have benefitted greatly.

I also think that they should have spent a lot more time on the dialogue. I am a proud British man, but some of the dialogue made me cringe. Too many cliches.

With that said Bill Milner and Maisie Williams, of Game of Thrones fame, are wonderful. They are the reason I came away from iBoy wondering what might have been if the project was given more time and more money to dust of some of the dirt. The character development of Tom and Lucy show glimpses of something that could have been special.

iBoy really isn’t that bad of a movie, but it feels like a missed opportunity. You should still give it a go.


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