Sing: a shy but great movie

When people talk about the best films of 2017, I bet money that Sing will not be mentioned. As early as this is (February), I am telling you that its omission will be unfair.

This film is just under two hours of pure joy. It doesn’t try to reach new heights in terms of plot or animation but everything it does, and I mean everything, is executed to a very high standard.

So the plot goes something like this – a downtrodden, out of luck (insert animal here) enters a musical contest for one last shot at their dream. Although this premise is used for numerous characters, it doesn’t feel tired because the voice acting is great or the situation of each character feels real.

Yes, watching these animals sing is why many will buy their tickets and, on that front, there is no need to be disappointed. The musical numbers are great and in some cases, they bring goosebumps- I wanted to clap when a classic Stevie Wonder jam made an appearance.

But it’s the voice acting that makes this film special. The cast is A list and it shows. Apparently, the actors did their own singing – that is a lie. I simply don’t believe it. Matthew McConaughey is just fantastic and anchors the film very well. This is Reese Witherspoon’s best turn in years. Taron Egerton is great but, again, there is no way he sings his own songs. NO way.

The issue with Sing is that you have to wait until the last third of the movie for it to all come together – for the film to finally reveal itself to be special. The finale is where Sing really… erm… hits its high notes.

By the end of this film I was on a real high. I had the biggest smile on my face and damn near forgot that Donald Trump was the leader of the free world.


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