Breaking the funk: The LEGO Batman Movie

I’m one of the few walking this earth who believes Man of Steel was legit. For me, the film was justifiably dark and hit all the right emotional notes. I don’t understand how the film was so lambasted.

And then Batman vs Superman happened… and Suicide Squad. And Marvel kept hitting it out of the park (supposedly).

The LEGO Batman Movie could be the beginning of a DC Comics’ movie comeback because, from start to finish, the film is tonally perfect. Yes it’s a satire, but there is a serious Batman movie behind it all. It’s the best DC movie since Man of Steel and it’s the best Batman film since the Nolan flicks.

You can’t hide from the fact the film is a piercing satire on the dark knight. It’s laugh out loud funny in many places and nothing about this iconic character is out of bounds from ridicule. But behind the laughter there is a lot of emotional heft. I started to believe in the relationships that developed between the characters, and a lot of credit should go to the voice acting from the Arrested Development lot, Will Arnett and Michael Cera.

The LEGO Batman Movie unexpectedly breathes new life into well worn scenarios. Yes, this is ultimately a Batman and Joker story, but it’s a funny and heartwarming Bats and Crown Prince of Evil story. Yes, the film talks about Bruce Wayne’s parents, but I didn’t sigh from boredom. Oh and Superman makes an appearance – along with every DC Comic character, I assume.

This is a considerably better film that the original LEGO one a few years back, it’s not even close. Who ever wrote this thing needs to be hired to oversee the other DC joints because they get it. They get what makes this character special and they understand what is at the core of Batman.


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