Can’t stop thinking about La La Land

I love Whiplash. It has smashed itself into my top 10 films of all time. It’s that real to me.

How on earth does Damien Chazelle follow up such a gritty tour de force? Well, with a fluffy musical that borrows its DNA from Astaire and Rogers’ classical era Hollywood, of course.

La La Land has grown inside me like a virus. Although I really liked what I saw on my first viewing, it has since occupied my brain like no other film in memory.

When I was doing my A Levels, I got obsessed with Al Pacino’s Scarface. That film hypnotised me and, I kid you not, I watched it a minimum of twice a day for about two weeks. So yeh, I failed my psychology A Level exams. La La Land takes me back to that frame of mind.

I love how hopeful it is, how cheesy it is in some places and how flipping bleak and dark and real it gets. It sounds cliched, but this film will make you laugh, grin, gasp and break your heart by the time the credits roll.

As a massive hip-hop fan and someone that has been listening to Anderson .Paak and D’Angelo on repeat since the middle of last year, I am shocked that they have been usurped by La La Land’s soundtrack. I cannot stop listening to it. The songs and score has a way of seeping through your skin and staying there. You have been warned.

I could bore you all and talk about how great Gosling and Stone are, but the real superstar is Damien Chazelle. The ending to this thing tore me to pieces and confirms what I suspected since Whiplash – he is the real deal.

So yeh, I’m not ashamed to say that I am probably going to watch this multiple times in the cinema, while I still have the chance.


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