Anderson .Paak – MVP of 2016

Let me start this thing by talking about Dr Dre.

If it wasn’t for the good doctor, I wouldn’t be paying nearly as much attention to Anderson .Paak. If it wasn’t for Dre’s 2015 Compton album, I wouldn’t be a .Paak fanboy. ’cause that’s what I am – a complete fanboy of this supremely talented individual.

Anderson .Paak’s music has got me through some shit in this wonderful year that is 2016. I genuinely couldn’t tell you where I would be mentally if it wasn’t for the Malibu or Yes Lawd! albums.

How would I have coped with all that 2016 threw at me if I hadn’t started most of my days with Malibu’s The Bird? Where would I find my motivation to deal with some bullshit if it wasn’t for the hard hitting thumps of the spectacular cut, The Waters (shout out to BJ the Chicago Kid)? When I needed warmth, up came The Game assisted Room in Here.

anderson-paak-knxwledge-nxworries-yes-lawd.pngTo top it all off, Anderson wanted to make sure we all knew he meant business and released Yes Lawd! A collaborative album with the heir to J Dilla, Knxwledge. Although this album doesn’t come close to reaching the same heights as Malibu, listen to songs like What more can I say, Get Bigger and Starlite while trying not to feel a type of way.

Jams like Suede and Sidepiece are two of my favourite songs of the year, in an already Anderson .Paak dominated list.

Simply put, Anderson .Paak and the album he released at the start of the year, got me through the year.  Damn, .Paak could be the best thing about 2016.


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