Star Trek Beyond: A dark surprise

“I’m here to collect my ticket for the new Star Wars film showing at 2…” I politely asked.

“Star Wars? You mean Star Trek, right?” the smug son-of-a-bitch replied. “You’re lucky I’m not that big of a Treky.”

That whole exchange shows the extent of which I am a fan of the Star Trek franchise.

I absolutely nothing it. I have no strong emotions towards these characters or their history. I am certain that I have seen plenty of Trek episodes but for the life of me I cannot remember anything about them.

With that being said, I really like the new films. The 2009 reboot made the series a lot more accessible than it had any right to be and had an important ingredient that many of the previous Trek products lacked – it was a lot fun. Damn it, I even like the much lambasted Into the Darkness – I thought Cabbage-patch was great in it.

Star Trek Beyond could very well be better than its two predecessors. It deals with far darker themes, chief of which are madness, loneliness, depression and revenge (with a hint of suicide to throw into the fun pie). Yes, this takes away a lot of the ‘fun’ factor which drew me in with the first two films, but I felt that this film earned the right to dig deeper into these characters and explore how space travel could affect them.


The film is also a lot more political than the franchise’s previous followings. Beyond explores what are the consequences of the The Federations continued expansion throughout the galaxy. The way the political debate plays out looks a lot like the cold war between the European Union and Russian.

I’d also be damned if I didn’t mentioned Idris Elba. He is absolutely magnificent in this as Krall. His character is so deceptively deep that it actually surprised me.

In fact everyone in this movie puts in one hell of a performance.

Star Trek Beyond really didn’t have a whole lot of things wrong with it. Yes, it still feels very nerdy and if you can understand what the hell everyone is talking about when they’re at their consoles and are being attacked, you’re a liar… or a nerd.

Honestly, (I’m kinda whispering this) this could very well be up there with one of the best films I have seen all year.


One thought on “Star Trek Beyond: A dark surprise

  1. This one is not a patch on the last one in my opinion. I felt the first hour was very slow and dry ….. Though the second half picked up. A good film but not great. No Star Wars

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