Independence Day Resurgence: Good Trash

It’s both accurate and unfair to call Independence Day: Resurgence a bad film. It’s bad, laughably bad – but I wasn’t offended by it. In fact, I found it an oddly charming and, perhaps more surprisingly, a very honest film.

It uses pretty much the exact same plot as the first film: aliens come to earth with plans of destruction, but earth (and by earth I mean America) must find its resolve and overcome insurmountable odds to survive.

Practically everyone apart from Will Smith returns for this sequel and it also manages to add a Hemsworth brother. This continuity of cast members adds to the legitimacy of this film and I think it’s why I let quite a few honest-to-god bad moments go. I forgot what a joy Jeff Goldblum can be to watch.


The film knows exactly what it is, it knows why it exists and it doesn’t try to hide from it. It is shameless in its fan service and call backs to the original and I respect that. The film tries to echo the iconic moments of the original film and although it never manages to recreate the same magic, these recreations always feel… erm… honest.

Independence Day Resurgence is unbelievably cheesy. There are moments in this film where I wanted to groan and po-po what was on screen. But somehow, someway, this film managed to make me smile, laugh and it managed to surprise me. It is big dumb fun – with a lot of emphasis on the dumb.



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