X-Men Apocalypse: What is the point?


I’ve had this nagging feeling from the beginning of the X-Men movie franchise that the series should be better than it was. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the first two Bryan Singer films and Days of the future past. I also really enjoyed the Michael Vaughn (kinda) reboot. But there was always the feeling that these films should be better – they should have a deeper emotional core. The X-Men films always felt disposable and I’ve never been able to shake that assumption.

The films always hinted at atrocities that may befall mutants, but the movies never went all in. It was always when the films mirrored the horrors of real life, of what a persecuted people the mutants might become, that they almost reach new heights. But they always pulled back at the last minute.

My problem with X-Men Apocalypse is a simple one – it is a cowardly film. I mean, what was the point of it? I’m finding it difficult to recall what the actual plot of the film was, without the help of Wikipedia.

The deep emotional and philosophical musings of previous X-Men films, comics and even the cartoon shows are all but gone.

The only time I was mildly interested was in the first few minutes of Magneto’s (Michael Fassbender) story arch. Seeing the bloody powerful Magneto try and live a normal life and be a good guy was fascinating. But the film shows it’s cowardly nature by cutting that arch short and opting for cheesy and over-dramatic scenes and dialogue.


I really like Oscar Isaac and I think he is a fantastic actor, but what was the point of his villain? What did he want? What was his end game? I genuinely don’t know. I grew tired of En Sabah Nur real quick and started to audibly groan when he arrived on screen.

And don’t even get me started on the Wolverine cameo.

Overall, I just thought the film was a mess. I waited before writing my thoughts, because I wanted the anger to fade before trying to review this film. If anything, my anger grew.

What a disappointment. Singer is better than this. These actors, their characters and this franchise deserve better than this film.

I just hope this entry doesn’t kill the X-Men on the silver screen.



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