Out of Time 2: Bonkers and fun

Out of Time 2 is mad. It is completely bonkers. I want to make this clear from the get go. I am by no means a comic book expert, but I have started reading a lot of books in the past five years and I can safely say that this comic is mad.

But it’s also a genuinely funny sci-fi romp which is utterly beautiful to look at.

Again, like its madness, I can’t emphasise enough just how bloody gorgeous Cuttlefish’s art is here. It looks deceptively simple but in fact the book is filled with quirky humorous details that brings Luke Halsall’s brilliant adventure to life.

And what of Mr Halsall’s adventure? Well, I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but it involves a time travelling team that features a deeply depressed man, a robot that is actually a man, a shapeshifting being that can travel to other dimensions and… a penguin. But each of these characters are surprisingly relatable and funny in their own special way.

I am a stickler for villains and I found the big bad in this book to be dope as hell and the resolution to the conflict simply hilarious.

In short, I absolutely loved this book. I loved it so much I have read it 3 and a bit times. Although it helps to have read the first Out of Time book, this new piece works very well as a stand alone piece.

As a nation, we should be proud that we produce talent such as this and we should support it anyway we can.

Check the book out at http://oot.webcomic.ws/comics/24






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