One fight scene: Batman v Superman

As I write this, we are just days away from the opening of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. To say that I am excited is an understatement.

This must be what Star Wars fans felt like a few months back.

Since the first trailer… shit, since it was announced, I’ve been convinced that this film cannot fail. That this film will be everything I hope it will be. I believe that Zack Snyder will build on the solid foundations of the criminally underrated Man of Steel. I still believe all of this, but for the first time since the announcement of this movie, fear has crept in.

What if it is bad? Is that even possible? What if the film is a hotchpotch of B list superheroes and an incoherent story? What if we get Daredevil Ben Affleck?


As these fears have started to fly into my thoughts, I have had to clarify what exactly I want from this movie. To distill it to its simplest form, I want a good fight scene. That is it. Just one good fight scene. If this film can offer me 20 to 30 minutes of edge-of-the-seat action, a slugfest between the Batman of Gotham City and The Man of Steel of Metropolis then I cannot see myself walking away from the screening unhappy. I just want a good fight.

Simply put, an epic but believable depiction of what a fight between Batman and Superman would look like is something I have been discussing since I was a boy. It was hot topic on the play ground, in the classroom, at university accommodations and over lunch and drinks with friends. Yes, I’m a geek but it’s something that has always come up. And this is about to weigh in on that iconic debate.

The stakes are very high but I am confident that this film will deliver. Just one fight scene, Mr Snyder. One fight scene.




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