Coming to America – Film Review

Coming to America is one of the greatest films ever made. Let me say that again… Coming to America is one of the GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE.

I recently sat down with the film, only to catch the Zamunda section , but as soon it began I got a warm feeling in my heart and couldn’t stop watching the rest. The film completely takes me back to my childhood, when I was far too young to watch it in the first place, and it doesn’t let me go until the end credits role.

What I found so surprising is just how well this film has aged. Comedies typically don’t do this, but Coming to America is filled with scenes that are just as funny as when I first watched them. Maybe it is because my adult brain understands the jokes better.

The film is filled with classic moment after classic moment: from the bathing scene, the Queen-to-be scene, the ‘bark like a dog’ bit, every time the barber shop crew appear, Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate… it just goes on.


Coming to America is why Eddie Murphy has a long rope for me. It is why I still consider him to be nothing short of a genius and a legend. Forget that he came up with the story and plays countless of hilarious and fresh characters in the film – the scope and the epic nature of this black film (directed by a white man) hasn’t been replicated.

Not all is lost, I think this type of film making is coming back… slowly. Films like Top Five, Dear White People and Dope are still carrying on the tradition that Eddie perfected. The truth is, to this day,  I just haven’t seen many black films made with this type of ambition and pride.



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