Star Wars: The Force Awakens review

God help us all. Star Wars fans (evangelists) finally have a dope ass film to hang their coat on.

I can’t in good faith bash The Force Awakens because once you weigh up all of the elements, it is a very good film. Not the best film of 2015, but still a very good film.

The first spoken dialogue in the film is “this will start to make things right,” and people are taking that as a dig at George Lucas’ brave but awful prequels – but this film fixed the originals for me as well. Yes, it is basically a remake of A New Hope, but I don’t care. This is a far darker, a far more logical and solid film compared to the Star Wars film that started it all.

And yes, for me it is the best Star Wars film.

The reason for my turn around stems from the new characters: John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac are fantastic and I feel more attached to them than I ever did with Harrison Ford and the old guard.

Boyega has proved what I knew when I first saw him in Attack the Block – he has supernatural acting range. Yes, he acted as comical relief but he brought depth to a character that had no right to be as engaging and thoughtful as Fin was.

Daisy Ridley is either going to be huge or she is going to be typecasted – I hope it is the former. She carries the biggest film in the world on her very young back and that isn’t something to gloss over.

For me, it’s Adam Driver that makes me excited for future instalments of Star Wars. Driver’s Kylo Ren is why I am contemplating buying an overly expensive mask.

To my mind, there is nothing in the Star Wars movie universe quite like Kylo. Ok, that’s a lie – the germ of the idea could be seen in Hayden Christensen’s Aniken Skywalker. Driver succeeds in toeing that line between tortured and annoying. He is all of menacing, dangerous but also youthful, weak and delicate. They can do so many new things with this character that I can’t wait to see how they develop this guy.

I genuinely can’t wait for the next film. Considering that just a week before I saw the film, I couldn’t understand the hype.

Congratulations to every Star Wars fan, you deserve it.



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