How Interstellar changed me

Months after watching Interstellar I have come to terms with the fact that it is the most important film I have seen in my adult life.

Before watching this Christopher Nolan flick, climate change was nothing more than a theoretical concept. Yes, I absolutely believed it was real and that it was man made, but – and don’t judge me here – why should I care?

The foundations of Interstellar makes a compelling case to why I (and frankly everyone) should do more than just care. All politicians and activists can do is talk, and talk is cheap, what Interstellar did, for me anyway, is show me a world devastated by our actions – and it was terrifying.

Those images of a dusty, barren and near inhabitable land has haunted me for months now – so much so that I have found myself asking what are our politicians doing about incentivising the use of cleaner energy sources. I am dead serious that my next car will be a hybrid car.I’m even thinking about cutting down on beef… nah, that last bit was a lie.

Even if you forget about the Al Gore politics, Interstellar still manages to shake my beliefs. The idea of space and exploring it was something I cared for as little as what Kim Kardashian and her family were up to. Now, every time the weather allows for it, I look up at the sky and think about what could be out there. The idea that we human beings are alone in this universe seems plain old silly.

What I am trying to say is that Interstellar has made me a firm believer of aliens. ALIENS.

I’m a big Christopher Nolan fan and there has been a three way battle between Memento, The Dark Knight and The Prestige for sometime and I think the latter has lost its place to Interstellar.

Yes the ending is mad and some of the science is questionable, but I won’t ever be the same again after watching this movie. Films like Interstellar that shake you to your core should be celebrated.



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