About Time: Not a waste of your time

About Time is a funny little film. If it was released 10 or 15 years ago, I think it would have been a smash hit – giving its time travelling elements, this is a little bit ironic (I’m I Alanis Morissetting the word ‘ironic’?).

I have always enjoyed Richard Curtis’ films. Once I got past the fact that they depicted an England I absolutely had no knowledge of (a Notting Hill without any black faces?) and a group of people that would never speak to folks such as myself (and to be fair, the feeling is mutual) – I always found his films fascinating. Like watching a nature documentary.

About Time is about some lad who comes from a family of male time travellers. The rules about how and why and where and when they can time travel are utterly broken and they are bollocks so there is no point explaining them. All that matters is that he can travel in time – think Ground Hog Day but quainter and English… and no Bill Murray. He falls in love with Rachel McAdams… erm… that’s about it.

The thing is, Curtis does the boy meets girl and they fall in love thing very well. Despite the many things wrong with this film – the many times you have to suspend your belief, the many many times you have to stop yourself calling bullshit – that core love story is top notch.

I absolutely believe that Domhall Gleeson’s Tim is a hapless nerd who easily falls in love (who is from an extraordinary wealthy background and manages to go and live in London with no issues… and oh yeh, becomes a lawyer and then buys a property in london… *sigh). Oh, and why the hell wouldn’t you fall in love with Rachel McAdams (or Margot Robbie for that matter)? McAdams does nothing wrong in this film as Mary – in fact, she reminded me of Andie MacDowell… and that isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, like a lot of Curtis’ work, About Time gave me a lot of Four Wedding and a Funeral vibes and I know that annoys a lot of people, but I have no real issue with it.

The biggest compliment I can give to About Time is that it was an inoffensive way to spend 2 hours or so of my time.


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