The Documentary 2: The Game Won

I wanted to share some thoughts on The Game’s new album – The Documentary 2.

I have always believed The Game is one of the most technically talented rappers of his generation but on the other hand I feel like he has always had an authenticity problem. I’ve never believed in this character he has tried to portray over the past decade or so.

For me, The Game has always been desperate to be accepted as a gangster rapper. The operative word is desperate.

The Documentary 2 still has The Game playing that uber gangster role and for some reason it doesn’t bother me as much – maybe it is because I have accepted it is mostly fiction. But for the first time in a long time, The Game’s raw talent, his voice and importantly his flow stands out.


This record has a blockbuster list of features but the lad Jayceon just refuses to get outshone. Don’t get me wrong, Kendrick and Drake give it a good go but it was by no means a wash out.

For me the stand out track is Don’t Trip, featuring Dr Dre and Ice Cube – the song is straight up dope and the best I have ever heard The Game. The song isn’t a lyrical feast but the groove and feel is fantastic. The song is also quite the endorsement for The Game as a rapper, many years after he was unceremoniously and quite publicly estranged from his mentor Dr Dre. I personally wonder how 50 Cent feels about the record.

Dr Dre apparently advised The Game to not release the second disc and trust me when I say this, the good doctor was right. In fact, I believe the 1st disc could have got more acclaim if it was 3 to 4 songs light – that might sound a lot but 19 tracks is just way too much.

With that being said, The Documentary 2 is definitely worth some of your time.


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