iHero 2: The review


Back in the day, I used to believe that comics were for geeks. Now those same geeks rule the world and the joke is on me.

All of the great story telling is now coming from the world of comics and everyone is paying attention. A while back, my homi Dr Batman, aka Luke Halsall, sent me the first issue of his comic series iHero. From the first damn panel, I was pissed that I did not think of the idea first.

In a line: iHero is about a gadget that allows anyone to obtain superhero powers.

Now he is back together with Graeme Kennedy (the artist) for the sequel, creatively known as iHero 2. Is it as innovative and as smart as the last go round?

In a word, yes – but there is a catch. iHero 2 is still a razor sharp satire on today’s gadget obsessed society but this story is a much darker affair. iHero 2 focuses on the consequences of relying too heavily on technology and its damaging impact on close relationships. Everything is much darker here – from the story, down to Kennedy’s art.

While the first iHero felt open to a casual audience, the sequel pulls no punches and feels like an unrepentant comic for the geeks I used to laugh at. But don’t let that put you off, stick with it because the comic rewards you with a rich, dark, and surprisingly funny story. It is a meaty, multi-layered piece of work and I am proud as hell that it came from this country of mine.

I can easily see this story being adapted for the screen and that is a testament to the talent of Luke.


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