Batman Vs Superman hype

Lord have mercy. So let me say off the top that I loved Man of Steel. Hand on heart, it is my favourite Superman film of all time and probably my third favourite comic-book film. I freaking loved it.

So that pretty much meant that Zack and Co didn’t have to do much to get me pumped for Batman Vs Superman – but this got-damned trailer has my hype levels up to 100%.

I love that they have kept the tone pitch black. I love the fact that it looks like the world is turning on Superman because that is pretty much what the hell would happen if he existed in real life. And most importantly, I fucking love how hulking Ben Affleck looks. I had major concerns about that casting, but seeing how tank like he looks in that suit gives me goosebumps.

Here is the thing – I understand this Superman. I know a lot of people were upset with how dark and how destructive/ careless Superman was in Man of Steel but, to me, it all made sense. If superhuman beings existed, shit would go down very closely to how it did in Man of Steel.

The Richard Donner versions were escapist fantasies to me – and I get that is what people want, but in a post 9/11 world that version is just silly.

However, this film has a lot of hoops to jump and a lot of questions to answer. Biggest of which is can they find a credible threat to Superman? Or do they have to, is Superman THE threat?

Man, I can’t wait!


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