Best Television Theme Songs


Television theme songs are an undervalued part of why I remember many shows fondly.

I can’t describe for you a single episode of Dad’s Army but I can sing you the theme song.

Heck if I know what Tia and Temera were telling Rodger to go home for, but I can hum along to the intro of the show.

5 – I’ll be there for you by The Rembrandts (Friends)

I have to give it up to the opening of Friends. I really wanted to leave it off the list, but it really is an undeniable classic theme song.  Annoying, but iconic.

I thought about bumping this for the Mission Impossible theme, or Only Fools and Horses – but hand on heart I don’t believe any of those examples are better than this song from The Rembrandts. Its annoying, but I know every single word and I can’t even help but do the claps. That’s real power right there.

4 – It takes different strokes by Gloria Loring (Different Strokes)

If there was a text book on how to write a good television show opening number, a picture of the Different Strokes opening shot has to be on the cover.

Just thinking about the theme song has me humming and nodding my head. It does that classic thing of setting up the concept of the show to a catchy little number. Not many shows do that anymore – it’s sad that it has gone out of fashion.

To be continued…


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