Edge Of Tomorrow: It could have been great


If you asked me who my favourite actor was, I’d probably lie and say Al Pacino or Denzel Washington. It makes me sound all black and sophisticated and all movie buffy. The truth is Mr Pacino or Mr Washington are the answers to the question, who do I think is the BEST actor. It might sound unfashionable, but Tom Cruise is probably my FAVOURITE actor and Edge of Tomorrow, or Live, Die, Repeat – or whatever it’s called – is more evidence that he is one hell of an action actor.

Edge of Tomorrow is a very good film – but something is holding me back from proclaiming it to be a fantastic piece of work. It is just simply very good – and that should be enough.

Cruise plays an extremely effective military PR man who is forced to take part in a highly dangerous operation which is certain to see hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers killed.  So of course he gets killed, by what appears to be acidic alien blood. Oh, did I mention there are aliens in this movie?

But anyway, that alien blood gives Cruise’s Bill Cage the power to relive the day of his death. Yes, so it is sort of like Groundhog Day – but out of all of the Groundhog Day knock offs I have seen in my time, Edge of Tomorrow is by far the best of the lot.


So the aliens – they truly don’t matter. Seriously, they don’t. They only exist to help us accept that Bill Cage has this Groundhog Day power. Where this film really shines, is Tom Cruises’ performance.

I have said it so many times that I am now starting to get bored of it, but Tom Cruise is underrated as an actor and this film proves the case. How Cruise develops Bill Cage from an egotistical coward to a genuine all action soldier is typically brilliant and effortless. So effortless that we take it for granted, Cruise should be praised for performances such as this.

Honestly, the supporting cast in this film are ‘meh.’ They’re not bad, but they’re not great either. The only one worth any time is Emily Blunt who acts as a very interesting foil to Bill Cage’s character development. To be fair, Cruise and Blunt have very good chemistry.

So why I’m I not raving about this film? Live, Die, Tomorrow (or whatever it is called) just doesn’t surprise me. It does everything that a good Sci-Fi/ action should do but nothing more. It really doesn’t develop the world near enough for me to care about anyone else other than Cruise and Blunt’s characters.

But, I am not complaining – it’s just a shame because with a little bit of work, Edge of Tomorrow could have been more than just simply a very good film. To be fair, it feels like an unfinished masterpiece.


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