We should all be like James Cameron

james-cameron-3dMore people in Hollywood… no, in entertainment… scratch that, in life should be like James Cameron.

News that James Cameron has delayed the sequel to Avatar made quite the impression on me. It would be easy to suggest that the production was in trouble but I think this move shows the quality of the man behind some of cinema’s best works.

Think about it, how many times have you watched a film, or played a game, or listened to an album where the creators should have spent a little more time on the finished product to get it absolutely spot on? I think of films such as Edge of Tomorrow, a very good film, which could have been great if a little more time and care was taken on the writing – especially the final act. I think of games such as Assassins Creed Unity, which was released pretty much unfinished. Word is, they started shooting Men in Black 3 without a script.

It’s commendable that despite the usual studio pressures Cameron surely must feel about releasing the Avatar films on time, he said fuck off to all of that and made a decision which I truly believe will have a positive impact on his films. If he truly believes the scripts were not yet ready, it makes total sense to delay.

I just wish people (me included) were brave enough to take similar decisions in their every day life.


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