My Top 10 Greatest Villains: Part 4

In case you missed them, here is part 1, part 2, and 3. Enjoy.

4 – Scar (The Lion King)


In many ways Scar is similar to ‘man’ in Bambi – but Scar is (literally) a completely different animal. You never see the person who pulls the trigger in Bambi but you see Scar do the deed in the Lion King. Actually witnessing murder in a Disney film does something to a young person.

Scar is a product of fantastic writing because he has never lost his power throughout the years. I still find him as despicable, distasteful and damn-right frightening now as I did when I was a youngster. I’ve watched The Lion King stage show numerous times throughout the years and that moment where Scar kills Mufasa is just as powerful as it is in the film – if not more.

The reason Scar resonates with me is because his type of evil exists in real life – but in a tamer fashion. Scar’s story is basically that of power and the lust of power corrupting someone to such an extent that he/she is willing to do anything. I always get a kick out of saying that it’s that struggle for power that came between the Miliband brothers. That would make Ed Scar… I don’t know whether that is a good or bad thing.

It also helps that Scar appears in what is one of the very best animation films of all time and is voiced by the exceptional Jeremy Irons. It will be very hard for any animation villain, Disney or otherwise, to ever top Scar.


3 – T-800 (The Terminator)


It was very hard to not put the T-800 at number one.

I remember the very first time I ever saw Arnie as the T -800. My dad had a unique parenting technique where he allowed me to watch any film I wanted regardless of age restriction but the only rule was that I had to tell him when I did so. Weird right? I simply cannot remember any film bothering me – not Arnie’s Commando where he murders an army of people with comically sized guns and not even The Exorcist where a young lady masturbates with a cross. Films never ever got to me.

But I had a hard time with The Terminator – especially the T-800. I got that it wasn’t real but I could’t shake the feeling that it might one day come to fruition. The idea of a relentless killing machine which was almost impossible to stop scared the living daylights out of me. I almost stopped watching after the motel scene where Schwarzenegger’s T-800 repairs himself. It was all too much.

But that is how you want you villains, right? I have re-watched this film on so many occasions and although I know what is going to happen, for brief moments I truly believe Sarah and Kyle are done for. It is an exceptional film and the Terminator is an exceptional creation.



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