Uncharted 2 changed my life

Now everyone is a gamer – when the hell did that happen?

I find it interesting when people talk about the games that impacted their lives. Most usually mention a Nintendo-tinged game, or something that came out in the 1990s. For me, the game that changed my life was Uncharted 2 – a game released in 2009.

Uncharted 2 is about a charming, mass murdering adventurer (think of a poorer, gruffer, Indiana Jones) called Nathan Drake, who goes on a globe-trotting adventure in search of the mythical city of Shangri-La.

Trust me when I say I have undersold the story here, because that is what probably sets this game apart from anything I have ever played. The characters in Uncharted 2 don’t ever feel like hyper-realistic cartoons or pixels – they feel like fully fleshed out people living incredible lives. One of the joys of playing this game is getting to a cut-scene – yes, I know how counter-intuitive that sounds when talking about the game but the scenes are an absolute joy to watch.


To be honest, the game mechanics are not great in Uncharted 2 – but there are not bad either. The third-person shooter elements don’t get in the way of the fantastic moments this game has to offer.

I mean, the first time I played through the tutorial level, my jaw was on the floor – how do you start a game hanging from the edge of a cliff? And then came the bit where you’re running on the roofs of a Nepal town and out of nowhere comes a helicopter. Or the bit when the same helicopter chases you to a building and begins to shoot that building down with you in it. Or that other level where you are fighting on top of a moving train.

My point is this, I will never ever forget my first playthrough of Uncharted 2 and I have been desperately trying to recapture that buzz ever since. The closest thing to ever come to is was not Mass Effect 2, or Red Dead Redemption or L.A Noir, all fantastic games, but it was playing through Uncharted 2 again.

I am grateful to the developers Naughty Dog for fantastic memories – chief of which was my wife being pissed at me for playing the game without her in the room to watch. That says a lot about my wife, but honestly, it tells you just how good the game was.



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