Katie Holme’s Breakthrough?



I have been in love with Katie Holmes for some time. I grew up watching her (how creepy would this sentence be if I just stopped here?) play Joey in Dawson’s Creek and the only reason I stayed with that show for so long was because of her.

Maybe it’s because of my feelings towards Holmes that I never understood why people panned her turn as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. For the life of me I didn’t see a huge improvement in the character from when Holmes played her to Maggie’s version in The Dark Knight. In fact, I thought it was a bit jarring that I had to accept the change in actress when almost every other main character stayed the same.

But anyway, although I claim to be infatuated with Ms Holmes, I readily admit that she hasn’t had that breakthrough performance yet and she has been in the public eye for some time. This may all be about to change because her upcoming film called Miss Meadows looks dope as hell. Hand on heart, it looks very interesting and if they can make the concept and the tone of the trailer last for an hour and a half then this might be THAT film for her. Fingers crossed.



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