Alternative: Out of Time


We are living through a period in cinema which I am sure will be remembered as the golden era of comic book films. What was once a medium strictly for the socially awkward has burst through popular culture changing the films industry forever. Now everyone wants to be a geek. Now everyone is wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Now everybody is reading comics.  If you’re a film executive and you’re not looking for the next great comic book idea then you’re not good at your job.

I am not a comic book expert but over the past half a decade or so I have been getting my nose into those picture books.  The UK has a great tradition of producing wonderful comic book writers and that tradition is alive and well – Dr Batman, aka Luke Halsall, is living proof of that.

As well as being my go to person on all things comic book related, Dr Batman is also a writer of comics – and he is damn good at it as his new comic, Out of time, proves.

Out of time centres on the idea that sometime in the future, ordinary people who feel out of place in the present world can travel back to another period and live out their lives… for a small fee.   The story follows the odd ball employees of the time travelling company that makes all of the said time travelling possible.

What you have with Out of time is a very odd but very unique, quirky and funny comic. Each of the characters in this comic are extraordinarily well written, but it is Annette the shape shifting alien that wins me over.

My only negative thought about this book is that it feels uncompromisingly heavily laden with time-travel/ science fiction genre tropes. I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t versed in their Doctor Whos, The Hitchhiker’s Guides or Guardians of the Galaxy being able to pick this up without some stumbling blocks. But that is fine, the ideas in this book feel pure and compromising them so the book is more accessible could have diluted the strength of the characters and the world in general.

I have been a fan of the Doctor for a while, but this book has made me a fan of Cutterfish. This dude’s art… what can I say? Pure magic. It walks that very thin and contradictory line of being minimalist and cartoony while also having an element of realism and depth. As wonderful as the writing and as interesting as the story is, it’s the art that tips book over the edge for me. Again, pure magic.

So why not give Out of time a go and support up and comic British comics? To get your copy go to




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