The Matrix is 15 years old… damn.



I used to have debates on Twitter with @KickArseHD on the subject of what is the most important film of the past 20 or so years. I championed The Dark Knight for various reasons but Mr Arse backed The Matrix – I hate to admit it, but he was right.

I’ve recently re-watched this classic – and yes it is a classic film – and I was gobsmacked at how relevant and awe inspiring it still is. On almost every level the film still works, even after 15 years. That is a very impressive feat for a film about technology.

Speaking on technology, the only negative I could reach for when watching The Matrix is that the tech that features in this film is so out-of-date – especially the product placements. I truly laughed-out-loud when the sliding Nokia mobile phone made its appearance; back in my school days the guy that had that phone was the king of playground.

morphI love this film: I love Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith, who is as terrifying as Arnie’s Terminator;  I think Keanu makes a mockery out of anyone that questions his acting chops, he has too many great films under his belt for people to keep taking the piss out of him; and Laurence Finshburn is just a bad ass in this film, it is unreal.

But it is the world the film depicts that always grabs me and sends goose-bumps down my neck. @KickArseHD central argument was always that we could be inside the Matrix right now and not even know it. As simple as that argument is, it goes straight to the genius of this film – how the hell do you know what is real?

The idea of The Matrix is no longer far-fetched – I couldn’t tell you how much time I spend on various social network, in fact, I don’t want to know. Computers are now an integral, permanent fixture of my life that I can’t think of that said life without them. That is fucking scary.

It pains me to say it, but I would have taken the blue pill. I would have chewed the shit out of that pill. I want no part of the ‘real world’ presented in this film. What scares me even more is that I am convinced that there is a chance that world could become a reality. Siri could end up killing us, yo!

Anyway, enough of my fears…

Happy Birthday to this fantastic film and it would be interesting to see how it stands up in another 5 to 10 years.



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