Amen, Charlie: Brooker drops knowledge on The Wire



People who have had more than a brief encounter with me know the levels of adulation I have for the late great television show, The Wire. I still mourn its disappearance from the screen. They could have carried it on – damn you David and Ed!

The fact that its worst season (its final season) is still great speaks to the high standards set by the rest of the series.

I am willing to step into the ring and fight anyone that dismisses The Wire’s importance, not only to television, but drama of any form. The damn show changed me – it has made me suspicious of anyone or anything that simplifies the problems of life and presents two dimensional heroes and villains characters as answers.

(Sighs) I miss the show so much. I both envy and feel sorry for anyone that hasn’t seen the show yet – they are missing an experience that is truly special but they also have a chance to experience it cold and fresh.

Enough of me gushing, I found this review of my favourite whinger, Charlie Brooker of Newswipe fame, waxing lyrical about The Wire. Enjoy.




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