Cabin in the Woods: Something special… I think



I have stated on many occasions that when it comes to horror films I am a certified bitch. I don’t like them, I have never liked them – and more importantly, I have always hated the fact that I don’t like them. I am forced to be ignorant of a whole genre of cinema because of my cowardliness and that just grinds my gears.

There are times when I try to test my nerve, times when I try to see whether I have grown a pair and can withstand the cheap but effective scare tactics that the horror genre has to throw at me. My recent test film was Cabin in the Woods.

The big selling point used for Cabin in the Woods is that it was written by The Avengers director Joss Whedon (the marketing of the film will not let you forget that fact) and frankly, from the off, you can tell this is the case. There is an unexpected confidence, quirkiness and humour in this film that made me forget that it was a horror film for at least the first half an hour.

Another positive to the film is its plot, which I found interesting, compelling and original – not for just a horror film, but for films in general. Even if I had a million guesses at the start of the film, I wouldn’t have predicted anything and this made me want to carry on watching , despite my Sam Tarlyness.

And finally, the acting – which is all dope. It turns out that bloke that plays Thor can actually act and his talent doesn’t revolve around his abs… amazing, right? It was great to see Bradley Whitford in something other than The West Wing, but it was difficult for me to think of him as anyone other than Josh Lyman.

The Cabin in the Woods


The negative to the film is that it scared the shit out of me. It really did. I was shouting so much at the “stupid white people” (and one black lad) for doing stuff that I just wouldn’t do in real life. Who the hell would hire a cabin in the middle of nowhere and then go lurking around in the basement… did I mention that this was in the middle of nowhere?!

And when the family of zombies came on screen, I practically watched the majority of the film from behind a pillow. Yeh… I disgust myself.

I got the feeling at the end of the film that I (semi) watched something special. I don’t know enough about the horror genre, but it felt like I was watching a film that was way before its time, especially when it comes to the narrative.

I liked what I saw of the film, I really did but I would love to know what seasoned horror watchers thought.


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