I love you, Halle: Frankie and Alice


I have been in love with Halle Berry for a very long time – it was in Boomerang, the Eddie Murphy film that I first laid eyes on her. Although, I submit, that her career so far hasn’t been as stellar as it should have been, I still contend that Ms Berry has something about her that has me eating out of the palm of her hand.

At her very best she can be breath-taking and I’m just not talking about films like Monster’s Ball.  Roles such as the crack-head mum she plays in the film Losing Isaiah shows that behind that beautiful face is a very talented woman.

So when someone peeped me to her new film, Frankie and Alice, and described it as Halle Berry playing a stripper, as you can imagine I was all ears. As enticing as that initial description was, I think they were selling this film short. I am only basing this on the trailer, but Frankie and Alice looks like Halle is back to flexing her acting chops.  I thoroughly enjoyed Cloud Atlas and hopefully she builds on that strong performance (s) with this new effort.

Enjoy the trailer.


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