2 Guns: Have you ever seen a bad Denzel performance?


Have you ever seen a bad Denzel Washington performance? Think about that question for a minute. Although I’ve seen films featuring Denzel which are poor, I don’t think I have ever seen a sub-par Washington performance.

This thought came to me when I was watching 2 Guns. This film should have been an awful, damn near unsaveable piece of toilet cinema but somehow I finished the film with a grin on my face.

washLet me be clear, everything about 2 Guns is generic. The narrative threatens to be original but reverts to safe blockbuster territory less than half-way through. The characters are so stereotypical that I was almost ashamed of Admiral Adama for taking the role of Papi Greco. The lady that is married to that filthy sexist pig who wrote that ridiculously annoying, yet brilliantly addictive song (only playing Robin) is just eye candy – which is both satisfying and disappointing at the same time.

The film is saved by the increasingly impressive Mark Wahlberg and Mr Washington – who have an insane amount of screen chemistry. As well as being charismatic and funny, both manage to make their characters so compelling that you route for them in this otherwise bland movie.

As for Washington, I am sure that he has played  character such as Bobby Trench many times, in fact, I am certain he is the same character from Inside Job, mixed with the cop from Training Day. But I challenge you to watch Washington in 2 Guns and not think : “damn, he’s one cool motherf****r”.  There is an unfathomable coolness to Washington which radiates out to the audience and I have not yet grown tired of watching him in roles such as this one. Will Smith has tried to pull the same trick Denzel has been using for years but look at the Fresh Prince’s last few films – rubbish.

Would I recommend 2 Guns? Yes I would. Go into it with your eyes open though. This is not a genre defying film. It is just a big giant ball of generic action film fun and sometimes, that’s all you need in a film.


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