A rethink: Pretty Woman

JR and RG

My soon to be wife’s favourite film is Pretty Woman. This fact has always baffled me.

Pretty Woman, the mother of modern day rom-coms, is a film that I have disliked for as long as I can remember. I first saw it as a young lad with my father – let’s just say that experience was awkward indeed.  I have viewed the film many times since and every time I saw it the more I kept seeing stuff I hate.

The idea of a woman being rescued by a very rich white bloke just didn’t sit well with me. The counter argument is that Julia Robert’s Vivian holds as much power as Richard Gere’s Edward.


The overall message of the film, as I saw it way back when, was that Edward cleaned up Vivian. Shit, if enough rich white men took care of their whores like Mr Lewis, prostitution as we know it wouldn’t exist.


To my horror, I re-watched the film and… I liked it. I enjoyed the film far more than I care to admit.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still many troubling elements in this film that just don’t sit well with me, such as the nonchalant way it deals with drug abuse, rape and most of all prostitution.  I laughed at the way the oldest profession was portrayed in this film – I guess that’s Hollywood.

Oh, and one more thing, Edward Lewis is a dick. He represents the worst kind of venture capitalism  and on top of that, he is a womaniser. If this is what women want, then good luck. Think of a non-Mormon, non-family orientated Mitt Romney and you have Gere’s character.

But like I said, I liked the film and a lot of that has to do with Julia Roberts. I can’t put it any simpler than this: I fell head over heels for her. Her bath time rendition of Prince just warmed my heart.  Robert’s turn in this film warrants every damn cliché there is, but I am going to chose this one – she steals every scene she appears in.

I also enjoyed how very 80’s this 1990s film is. The fashion made me chuckle and I thought the music was dope.

Most importantly, I enjoyed the story – and I am kind of ashamed to admit that. My moral compass has been skewed by my reading of the A Song of Ice and Fire, I guess. It is essentially a rude version of a Disney tale.

As much as I dislike Edward, I believe his love for Vivian is genuine (how can it not be, everyone has fallen for her by the end of the film) and as the film entered its final act, I was really cheering for them to be together.
Yuk, I make myself sick. What has happened to me?

JR listening to Prince
Just look at her

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