I love Archie


As a newly converted member of The Good Wife church, I consume anything related to the show like a much deprived Malawian does a piece of bread. 

It is Archie Panjabi that has a hold of my heart, not Julianna Margulies. It took me a while to realise that she was British – not only British but that girl from Bend it Like Beckham. 

The Guardian have a very good interview with her. Here is a snippet about how she was treated by photographers at the Emmys:


 “So I come up to this dot, and every single photographer in the line puts their camera down.” Panjabi hoots. “So I was all dressed up on my biggest night ever and that moment happened. I wanted the floor to open up. Literally, they just …” she mimes a photographer lowering a camera, looking bored. “That woke me up.” Panjabi went on to win the Emmy for best supporting actress that night, beating Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss, as well as her co-star in The Good Wife, Christine Baranski. She was also one of only two Brits to win an award that night. “And then I went to take the pictures at the end, and I’m kissing the award, quietly thinking: ‘Yeah, fuck you.'”


Like Idris before her and almost everyone associated with 12 Years a Slave, I am bloody proud of the talent this country is producing. We are on the brink of quietly taking over Hollywood and it warms my heart.  


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