God save Netflix


I am a card carrying member of the Netflix fan club. I don’t even try to hide it. You won’t find any faux attempts to remain unbiased here; when it comes to Netflix they have my number. I love that company and they have changed the way I watch TV shows forever. Actually, let me clarify that, the BBC actually sparked that change for me with their iPlayer but Netflix has made it permanent.

It isn’t just the television show content that is great on Netflix, a lot of people overlook how much its film content has improved. But yes, its television stuff that is just ridiculously good – how I’m ever going to get round to watching all those shows I will never know. But I’ll try.

Anyway, my highlights on the UK Netflix service are: Amour, Archer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers original series, X-Men original cartoon series, The Good Wife, Calendar Girls and Fringe. There is probably more, I have probably missed out a hell of a lot.

This Independent article has got me hyped about what is to come from the Netflix service this year:

In addition to new instalments of already established shows there are plenty of exciting new series on the way, including a Breaking Bad spin-off, Andy and Lana Wachowski’s first foray into television and a cartoon about a whiskey-drinking horse.

Dude, a talking whiskey drinking horse. I can’t wait – roll on the rest of the year.


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