Staying away from the hype… for now (12 Years a Slave)


I am trying to stay well away from 12 Years a Slave for the simple reason that the hype surrounding this film is just too much for me to take.

I have yet to read a single bad word about the film, which makes me very suspicious. My alarm bells started going nuts when one of my friends branded it (sorry) as the best film he’s ever seen.

Then the Daily Mail released their review, here is a snip:

I have seen it twice now, and on both occasions it has managed to enthral and appal in just about equal measure.

I can’t think of a finer, more affecting cinematic account of the culture of slavery in the yet-to-be United States, but I can think of many worse, from DW Griffith’s pioneering but racist Birth Of A Nation to Steven Spielberg’s worthy but laboured Amistad.

The Daily Mail ladies and gentlemen.

The hype is too much. I am going to catch this when it comes out on Blu-Ray, hopefully by then the hype would have subsided and I can judge the film fairly.


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